Override Certificate

Override an exemption certificate to collect tax from an exempt customer

From Avalara: "After you've added an exemption certificate for a customer in AvaTax, there may be times when you need to collect tax from the customer for certain sales. For example, if you have a Resale exemption certificate on file for a customer but you sell them goods that they don't plan to resell, the customer may need to pay sales tax for that transaction. Avalara allows you to use an Exempt Override Code to override an exemption certificate for a single transaction, so you can collect tax from a customer that is normally exempt"   On SAP the way to configure this, is to set the AvaTax Entity Use Code UDF for the desired ship-to business partner address to the code TAXABLE. This will request AvaTax to override that existing certificate. Go to the Business Partner, find the Ship-To address, and identity the AvaTax Entity Use Code UDF: And select the option Taxable: If that option is not listed, you can create it, by using the last option: Define New Make sure to the the code to TAXABLE, in upper case. After that is set, you can calculate tax, and this code will be sent in the AvaTax request, overriding the existing exemption certificate.