Avatax for SAP Business One Add-on

IMPORTANT: Avatax solution requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 installed

AvaTax is available under two different add-on names: Avatax and AvataxDemo. The add-on is exactly the same.

You can use AvataxDemo if you want to try a newer version without removing your previous Avatax add-on.

Version Notes

.Net Framework 4.8 required - x86 and x64 compatible

FOR SAP 9.3 and SAP 10 until SAP 10 FP 2208 use the Compat link

For SAP 10 starting FP 2305 use the regular link

Release 24.06.27

Avatax for SAP By Design Add-on

Here you´ll find the latest Avatax addon installer file to download and install by yourself.

Utils Info


Installation must be done through the current SAP Cloud Studio version.

To Access SAP Cloud Studio, you need PDI access rights and Business Analytics.

Please, check the step-by-step guide for installation and configuration by following this link https://www.axapsolutions.com/en/avatax-sap-bydesign

Old Classic ARD Installer Avatax for SAP B1

Version Notes

SAP 9.3 compatible
SAP 10 compatible
x86 x64 compatible
.Net Framework 4.8 required

Avatax Event Service

Avatax WebUI

Version Notes

The web based application to calculate taxes for SAP B1.
This version requires upgrading the web.config file.

WebUI Upgrade, Release 24.06.27

Avatax for SAP 9.2/9.1 B1 Add-on versions


Avatax for SAP 9.2/9.1 are released on demand. Contact support to ask for a quotation.


Utils Info

Creates the Windows Event Viewer Source for AES