Tab "Adresses"

By using this feature, the add-on lets you read the document destination ship-to address from custom UDFs instead of using the default native SAP address fields. This is mostly useful when using third party integrations that creates documents populating the ship-to address into alternative UDFs instead of the default SAP address fields.

The configuration from Avatax Settings includes different options:

  • Read and send address from custom UDFs. This checkbox must be enabled to activate the feature. If unchecked, the solution will always read the ship-to addresses from the default SAP fields.
  • Read if this UDF has a value. This feature lets you use a UDF as a flag to indicate the solution if it must read the address from the alternative fields for that specific document. If the configured flag UDF value is empty (no value), then the solution will read the address from the default SAP address fields. If a value is present in the flag UDF, it will read the ship-to address from the configured alternative UDFs.
  • Custom UDFs at line level. This checkbox lets you indicate if the custom UDFs for the address parts: line, city, state, zip, and country, are defined at the document header level or at the document line level. When unchecked, the solution will look for the UDFs at header level. If checked, will look for the ship-to address UDFs at line level, for each line.
  • UDFs. In this section, you need to complete the UDF name for each one of the address components. Make sure to complete the UDF name as is defined in the database: this is with the U_ prefix and it's case sensitive.