.Net Framework 4.0+ installed on your computer.

Getting started – download the files


  1. Introduction

  Avatax Event Service (AES) is a service that runs in the background, which runs all the time, but doesn’t have an interface. This application detects any sales document created outside of SAP, with other addons or systems, and automatically calculates taxes using Avatax.


  1. Go to the website to download the Avatax Event Service


Link :

Scroll down until you find the AES (Avatax Event service), as shown:


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Download it, create a folder in your unit, and extract all the files from the Zip folder.


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Once is saved on your PC, please, check that the file is unblocked by clicking on properties with the right button of the mousse. If the checkbox shown below is not checked, please, check it and then press apply and ok.

  1. Installation
3.1 Prepare the console

Go to the Windows bar, and search for the cmd (command prompt); once you find it, press right-click to run as administrator.

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Then add in the console “cd” following the path where the solution is saved. For example: C:\argentis\aes

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3.2 Add the framework path to run the “install uti”


It is necessary to run the “install uti”, which is in the Framework folder, to install the service. This is executed from the console, so you must add the path to it.

Depending on the Framework the customer has is the path to run the “install uti”. The path can be found on the web or inside the Microsoft.NET folder. Always take the latest version.

This is an example:


Copy and paste the path into the console and add “\installutil” as shown:


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After taking the service name from the .exe file, add it into the console and press enter as shown: 

32 bits: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\installutil Argentis.AvataxEventService.exe

64 bits: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\installutil Argentis.AvataxEventService.exe



This is going to install the service. If everything is correct you should see this message in the console:


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3.3 Look for the service.

If the installation was completed successfully then you should find the service.