Release 20.12.14

ShipEasy Integration features


New functionalities were added to ShipEasy integration logic. This behavior applies when creating new documents using the Document Generation Wizard.

When Add ShipEasy Expense Amount as a Freight is enabled, the value setted in the base document header UDF U_TWBS_UPSExpense is copied to the target document, and set to the selected Freight for ShipEasy expense amount additional expense.

Also if the base document has the header UDF U_TWBS_UPS_FreeShp set to No, the add-on will add the Fixed charge for non-free shipping value to the ShipEasy expense amount. If the UDF is set to yes (free shipping), no extra value will be added to the expense amount.

A new setting Calculate taxes for ShipEeasy freight let the user configure if Avatax tax calculation must include or not this ShipEasy expense value. 

Finally, if the user wants to map a business partner ship to address specific value to the SAP Location Dimension for this ShipEasy freight, it can be configured by using new settings.

ShipEasy freight location dimension is a dropdown with the available SAP dimensions. BP ShipTO Field for location dimension is an input field, where you can configure a field from the CRD1 table.

If a field name is set into this BP ShipTO Field for location dimension, the add-on will get this field value, and will set it to the selected dimension for the ShipEasy freight. If the field name is empty, the dimension will keep the default value set for the freight. 


The same settings and behavior is included in the Avatax webUI application.