Release 21.07.06

New integration. ShipVia LBSi Freight Optimizer

We are glad to announce we have integrated our Avatax Document Generation Wizard process to include logic provided by LBSi for their ShipVia Freight Optimizer Solution.

The Freight Optimizer Solution is able to set freight charges to documents like AR Invoices before it’s manual creation.

Now we have integrated in the Avatax Document Generation Wizard a process, to include this freights during the document creation, and calculate taxes over the freights if configured.

This gives customers the ability to leverage both solutions, using ShipVia Freight Optimizer for freights calculation and Avatax for document generation and reporting to Avalara.

The new integration can be turned on from this setting:

Avatax Exempt TaxCode

The solution includes now a new setting, and Avatax Exempt Tax Code.

Marketing document lines using this Avatax Exempt TaxCode will be reported to Avalara during the tax calculation, including an Exempt reason “Exempt TaxCode”, to request Avalara to process the line as exempt.

Previously, lines with a Tax Code different from the one configured for Avatax were ignored.