Release 21.08.19

Perfomance improvement. Service Layer

Due to known performance issues with SAP v10 when using DI-API, we implemented a new interface for using the SAP Service Layer API within the AvaTax solution for complex processes.

On this version, the External Calculation mode now supports working through Service Layer. The expected result is the same as before, but the time required to complete the process is substantially lower.

The feature is enabled for SAP v10+. Service Layer was enabled by SAP to work both for SQL Server and HANA database servers. Previous SAP versions will not have this AvaTax option available.

The configuration is available in a new menu:

And the configuration looks like this:

You can turn the feature on/off as desired, by using the first checkbox.

The Service Layer URI is the address where the service is available. The URI has the format https://[servername]:[port]/b1s/v2/

Replace [servername] and [port] with your specific installation server name and port. The /b1s/v2/ part is required, as the solution is using the last v2 version available for Service Layer messages.


Other changes

Added support for the Use Shipped Goods Account property on documents (Accounting Tab).

Override tax date is now only based on the UDF AvaTax Override Date (U_ARGNS_TAXODAT) at document header. Previously some documents like AR Credit Notes automatically used the base document date as override date.