Release 21.11.24

Discount on freight lines 

Until now, when sending freight lines as line items to AvaTax, by default the lines were considered to apply discounts.

This means when applying a document header level discount in SAP, the discount is distributed by AvaTax on all document lines that have the discounted flag.

Now there is a new setting to control if the freight lines are discounted or not. Disabling this settings will make the SAP document header discount not applied by AvaTax to the freight lines.

Address validation before tax calculation

A new feature is available, to validate the document ship-to address before the tax calculation, to ensure the address is valid.

The validation mode is configurable and includes three options:

None will not execute any validation.

Warning will run the validation, and if the ship-to address is not validated, and the user can choose if continue or not.

Mandatory will stop the calculation if the address is not successfully validated, and an error message will be displayed in the SAP System Messages Log