Release 21.12.31

Tax calculation on AR/Down Payments Invoice

Tax calculation in AR/Down Payments was possible, but you could usually expect the calculated tax to be zero, because the Tax Liable value for any line is fixed to No in SAP Business One.

This produces the line to be sent as Not Liable to AvaTax, resulting usually in an exempt line, without calculated tax.


Now we have included a configuration setting to ignore this field, send the lines as liable, and get the tax calculated as if the lines are liable.


Enabling this settings will get the tax calculated in the document with the lines considered tax liable.

Despite your selected Tax Mode, the calculated tax in AR/Down Payment Invoices can only be set as a Line Item, so you need to to have the AvaTax line item also configured from your settings.

This is required because in SAP Business One the AR/Down Payments do not include freights, and because lines are not liable, the tax cannot be set as external (or native) tax calculation as the line level.


Event Service. Draft to Documents

The Event Service now includes the capacity to process Draft documents, meaning it can capture new generated draft documents, calculate tax with AvaTax, set the tax result to draft and finally post the draft as a final document in SAP.

This is a useful functionality for external integrations like WMS solutions, that are now able to create for example Draft Delivery Notes based on Sales Orders. The AvaTax Event Service can get the Draft, calculate and set the AvaTax taxes, and post the final Delivery Note, resulting in a document with the exact taxes calculated.

This is specially useful when working with partial deliveries, where external solutions are not able to recalculate the partial taxes.

Check the Event Service configuration section for instructions about enabling this behavior.