Release 23.10.11


  • Cumulative fixes for September-2023
  • Added feature for journal entry creation on reconcilliation and Avatax Event Service invoice processing


Journal Entry creation on reconcilliation and AES invoice processing

The solution is capable of creating a Journal Entry in SAP Business One for the calculated taxes when reconcilling AR Invoices, AR Credit Memos or AR Down Payment Invoices.

The Avatax Event Service is capable of capturing the creation of this types of documents, posting them to Avatax and now creating a journal entry for the calculated taxes.


For the Avatax add-on and the Avatax Event Service, this feature can be enabled from this settings.

The account for the calculated taxes must be defined, and will be used to debit or credit the calculated taxes, according the document type.


Settings at the webUI


This is how the feature works. Consider an Invoice like this is created without using the Avatax Solution, and it's lated reconcilled: