Whenever there is a suspicion that an invoice might not have been posted into the Avalara Admin Console, the first step is to verify this using the Avatax Reconcile Window. Open the window, load the SAP invoice by filtering the posting date, click on “Search for posted documents” and acknowledge you see the message that the invoice was not found.

There are several reasons invoices might not be posted into the Avalara Admin Console:

  1. The add-on might have never been turned on in the first place.
  2. The add-on might have been turned on in the first place but got stopped before calculating taxes and the end-user never noticed it.
  3. The document does not have the SAP Avatax tax code in any of its item or freight lines.
  4. The document is using a Series, an Address State or other condition configured to skip the calculation. If this occurs you will see a message in the SAP System Message Log showing it.
  5. The document is being created with the SAP native Document Generation Wizard or by 3rd party solutions or other add-ons. Any of these methods will NOT post the document to Avalara.
  6. Always check your connection settings are pointing to the Avalara Company you intend to, and the desired Avalara environment (sandbox or production).

Having taxes calculated and the Invoice not posted is extremely unlikely. Whenever this situation is encountered the most likely situation is that taxes were calculated on a previous document such as a Quote, Order or Delivery, and then the invoice was created with a copy-to functionallity, carrying the previous calculated taxes.

Some strategies to troubleshoot this problem include:

  1. Replicating the document creation process, using the exact same document information, and verifying the duplicated document is posted or not.
  2. Turning on the Avatax Log functionality and wait for the issue to happen again.