The tax calculation is performed exclusively by the Avalara engine.

The add-on does not perform any kind of tax calculation, remember the add-on is a connector to integrate the Avalara calculation features into SAP.

If you calculate tax on a document, and receive a different tax amount than expected, you can:

  1. If the document is an invoice, check your Avalara admin console, examine the calculated tax on the document, and confirm the calculated taxes.


  1. If you are calculating on another document that is not posted to Avalara, like Sales Orders, you can use the Tax Calculator functionality at the Avalara admin console, to test the calculation.


  1. Whenever there is a tax amount difference/ issue, we suggest processing a sales invoice from them to see in Avatax how taxes are calculated. In this way, you will get more information such as:
  • Tax rates
  • Address used to calculate taxes (origin /destination/ point of acceptance/WH)
  • Exemption applied if it was the case
  • Custom rules or “Entity use code” that modified the original calculation.
  • Tax type


  1. If you are using CertCapture with exemption certificates, and the exemptions are not being applied, contact your Avalara account manager to check your CertCapture account is linked to your Avatax account.


If you still think the taxes are not accurate, contact Avalara support or your Avalara account manager detailing the case.

If there is any problem regarding the information being sent from SAP to Avalara, or vice versa, then those are the kind of problems Argentis can jump in and fix.