You need to check your Avatax settings and designate real values to all the fields. 

Go to the Avatax module, settings, settings.

  1. In the General tab, all the drop-down buttons must be reselected again. You need to choose another one a reselect the same as it was 

  1. In the Calculation tab, Configure the 3 tax modes and choose the one you are going to use 

  1. In the Integrations tab, go to the first drop-down, (Freight for Ship Easy expense amount), you must choose another one and the reselected Avatax 

  1. Update the setting, go to the Administration module, Add-ons, Add-on Manager. There select the Avatax add-on and stop it and start it again.

  1. If the issue persists, please,  restart SAP and do the whole process again