Avatax log requests

The solution can record tax calculations in database tables. This feature is enabled from the setting shown below.
If logging requests is not required for reports or other tasks, we recommend keeping it off, to reduce transaction calculation time and database space.
The log database tables can be removed anytime if you need to free space or want to clear the log.


Consider this sample AR Invoice to check how logs are saved.


Transaction logs are saved on the following tables

This is the header of the transaction log.
To link this transaction to the SAP document, you can use the following columns:

U_DocCode is the document code. Depending on the configured field to be used as the Avatax Document Code, you can use this field to match the document.
For example this query will get the log header for the SalesInvoice with document number 1582 that was committed to Avatax.
Keep in mind having multiple calculations for a single document will propduce multiple logs.

WHERE U_DocType='SalesInvoice' and U_DocCode='1234' and U_Commit=1