Avalara VAT Reporting

Comprehensive VAT compliance for more than 60 countries (and counting)

Features and benefits

  • Cloud-based or on-premise options
    Our solutions are flexible and offer reduced IT costs with rapid installation.
  • Simple data collection
    Use Avalara’s pre-built extractors or upload your transactions.
  • Automated data checks
    Avalara VAT Reporting uncovers errors which could lead to inaccurate returns.
  • Clear audit path
    In-depth data analysis and reconciliations across invoices, ledgers, and Intrastat provide a clear trail of changes.
  • Insights with reporting
    Easy customisation of transactional data reports to suit your on-going management needs.
  • Stay up-to-date
    Our service remains up to date as tax authorities revise returns or VAT treatment legislation.

VAT Reporting includes

  • E-filing of electronic formats for direct filing with tax offices
  • Data error checking, validation, and exception reporting
  • Daily batch processing and manual adjustment capabilities
  • Automated support for VAT Ledger reconciliation
  • Data-mining tools to support MIS reporting
  • All reports on a single platform
  • Recognised by HMRC for UK MTD submisstion
  • Meets all five HMRC MTD obligations
  • Cloud-based for minimum implementation and instant updates
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