WebUI IIS Configuration

Internet Information Services (IIS) Configuration

IIS is the Windows application server where Avatax WebUI application is deployed. In order to have the WebUI running all the time, and being able to schedule and process documents, some settings must be set.  

IIS installation and features

IIS is part of the latest Windows versions. If you don't have it enabled, you can do it from the Turn Windows features on or off, accesible from Control Panel -> Programs and Features Depending on your Windows version the names can be different, but it will appear under the name Internet Information Services, or Web Server. For the Application Development Features, you must enable the following components:  

IIS Configuration

Once you deployed the webUI, make sure this settings are configured to ensure the webUI app can start without user intervention, and keeps always running. Select the WebSite where the webUI app is deployed, open the advanced settings, and set Preload Enabled to true.   Do the same for the /api application, in the webUI directory. Select the api node, go to Advanced Settings, and set Preload Enabled to true.   Now select the application pool configured for you webUI /api backend, and open the Advanced Settings. Select AlwaysRunning for the start mode and set the Idle Time-out to zero.