Release 24.04.05

Release Note - Version 24.04.05

General upgrades

Solution upgrades to latest security patches.

Reviewed calculation and recalculation on Draft AR/Invoices with partial down payments. Supported only with ServiceLayer enabled as SAP applies the full available down payment when using DI-API.


Release 24.03.21

Release Note - Version 24.03.24

Migration from CertCapture to ECM. Avalara Exemption Certificate Management

The new version integrates certificate management using ECM, the product replacing the previous CertCapture.

Release 24.01.24


Use document first line ship-to as freight ship-to.

Default behavior is to use the document Ship-To address as the ship-to address for document freights.

A new feature was added, to use the first document line ship-to address as the ship-to address for documents freights. This allows you to use a different Ship-To address for the freights by using the options provided at the document line: Line, Branch or Warehouse Ship-To Address.

This is configurable from this setting in the add-on:

Release 23.12.01


  • Upgrade to Avalara API v23.10.1
  • Adjusted calculation, enabled to calculate for addresses without street, but having Country, State and City.
  • Cumulative fixes for customer reported issues.


Release 23.10.11


  • Cumulative fixes for September-2023
  • Added feature for journal entry creation on reconcilliation and Avatax Event Service invoice processing


Journal Entry creation on reconcilliation and AES invoice processing

The solution is capable of creating a Journal Entry in SAP Business One for the calculated taxes when reconcilling AR Invoices, AR Credit Memos or AR Down Payment Invoices.

Release 23.09.01


  • Upgraded Avatax API SDK to v23.8.1
  • Adjusted behavior for tax calculation with foreign currencies.
  • Cumulative fixes for August-2023


Use gross profit base price at document line level as the item price for Avatax

A new feature is included in the solution to send the document line gross profit base price as the item price in the Avatax request, instead of sending the default value, that is the document line tem price.

Release 23.08.01


  • Upgraded Avatax API SDK to v23.7.0


Reporting Location Code and Location Codes

  • The AvaTax location features have been redesigned for better accuracy.
  • Each AvaTax transaction document can include the following fields, that can be mapped from SAP UDFs: