Release 19.10.04

This version is compatible from SAP 9.2 to SAP 9.3PL 11.

Add-On Licensing removed

Add-on licensing is no longer required, as the Avalara service only works with enabled accounts.


Exempt based on document UDF

New feature to exempt documents based on an UDF at document header level.

This is intended for customers who wants to exempt specific documents on isolated cases, without marking customers or addresses as exempt.

A setting is available to turn the functionality on or off. If it’s disabled then the UDF will be ignored.

The UDF U_ARGNS_TAXEXNUM is generated at the Document Header Level:

If the UDF is empty, then will be ignored. If has a value, that value will be sent as exemption number to Avalara (it doesn’t consider the add-on exemption mode).


Customer Code configurable

This option is removed.

Functionality was to send the BP Name instead of the BP Code as the customer code to Avalara.

It’s now replaced by a new setting, that allows to select the desired BP Master Data field to be sent as the Customer Code to Avalara.