Release 20.05.07

Clear previous tax calculations

Previously, when you had a document with tax calculated by Avatax, you change the calculation mode (Line Item, Additional Expense, External Tax), you could get a document with incorrect tax if don’t manually clear the previous calculation.

Now this feature has been included in the solution logic, and the calculation process takes cares of reviewing the full document, and clearing previous existing calculations before completing the new calculation and setting the tax with the configured mode.

This is very useful if you are migrating your calculation mode, to recalculate taxes for existing documents and creating new documents with this task automated in the process.

Feature is included at:

  • Add-on. Manual calculation with the Calculate Tax button in the document window.
  • Add-on. Document Generation Wizard. New generated documents will have the previous calculation cleared before applying the new.
  • Avatax Event Service. For SAP editable documents.
  • Avatax webUI.
    • For Tax Calculation. Useful for bulk recalculation on Quotations or Orders.
    • For Document Generation.


Copy SB1 Dimensions

Using the Document Generation Wizard (Avatax Add-on or Avatax WebUI) now copies the SAP Dimensions (if defined) from the base document to the target document.

This applies at the document line level, and also to all the line additional expenses dimensions.

You may now expect to see the dimensions copied to the target document when using the Avatax tools, as the SAP standard behavior.