Release 20.05.19

Support document lines with negative total

Document lines with negative total are now supported for tax calculation.

SAP let use some sales documents with negative totals, by setting the quantity to a negative value, the unit price as a positive value, and the total as negative.

Avatax now calculates taxes over that lines, and returns the tax calculated as negative.

You can mix negative and positive document lines in a single document without issues:

DGW. Process documents without Avalara taxes

The Avatax Document Generation Wizard and the Avatax webUI didn’t process documents with at least one item or one freight taxable. This is at least one element using the configured Avatax Sales Tax Code in SAP.

Now the wizards are able to process documents with different Sales Tax Codes. This is required by many customers who process different documents, and require a single tool to process all documents, some with Avalara taxes and reported to Avalara, and some without.

Avalara Tax Preview

Tax Preview now includes the calculated total for the transaction.