Release 21.03.15

Custom mileage tax calculation

New feature included in the solution to have a special mileage tax calculated by the add-on in SAP, not by Avalara. 

This tax has to be calculated on a specific state (i.e. California), and must apply over Items with a matching value in a customizable UDF.

The calculated tax is not calculated by Avalara. It’s calculated in the SAP side, and is added to the document as an Item Line, for all of the calculations modes.


To turn on the feature, select the checkbox Custom Mileage tax calculation enabled

The Mileage item to set the calculated taxes is the Item to be added to the document as a new line with the calculated taxes as total. We recommend defining this item as tax not liable, yo avoid having tax calculated on it:

Ship to State code to apply defines if the tax calculation must be applied or not. Set here the desired state code, for example CA for California. The add-on will check if the document ship to address state match, and then perform the calculation.

Item UDF name to evaluate is the UDF complete name, defined at the Item Master Data record, to be evaluated to consider if the item is taxable for the mileage tax.

During the calculation, the add-on will check if the UDF, for each item in the document, has a UDF value matching the Item UDF value to apply. If matches, then will apply the tax over that line.

Finally, the Mileage percent to apply is the tax percent to apply over the lines matching all the previous conditions.

If the tax is calculated, you will see a new line added to the document, with the calculated tax:

To have a specific tax code applied for this Mileage Tax item, you should define a Tax Code Determination, and assign the desired Tax Code for this item, to have SAP applying it on the document.

This way you can define the desired Sales Tax Code, to apply the Mileage Tax Item line total to the desired Sales GL Account.


Fix for processing some scenarios with exemptions and freight charges.