Release 21.04.09

DGW. Base document closing option

A new option is included in the Document Generation Wizard, to choose if want the wizard to close the base document after generating the new one, or not.

Default DGW behavior was to force SAP to close the base document (manual close) after generating the new document. This is usually required for customers using the tax calculated as Freight, customers processing partial invoicing, who needs to make sure the base document is closed after generating a new document, no matter if open lines or freights remains in the base document.

If a base document is manually closed, you are not be able to cancel the target document if your SAP configuration is to open the base document on cancellations.

Now you can choose if want this behavior or not, disabling the manual close and leaving SAP to handle the automatic closing of the base document. This way you will be able to cancel documents generated with the DGW.