Release 21.09.14

Release Notes

Support for empty or removed Bill To in document

In previous versions reconcile will raise an error like Post failed: BillTo Bemidji – Minnesota not found for BP Code 17379 if the Bill To used in the document is modified or deleted at BP Master Data Address records.

Support for items with quotes in the ItemCode

For example ItemCode EZP-EL-18-10′-W

AvaTax Location code and empty Ship-To address

Support to use Location Code. UDF at Document header level (U_ARGNS_LOCATION).

The Location Code allows to send and empty ship-to address in the document. The LocationCode is used instead.

The Location must be defined in the AvaTax admin console.

If a Location Code is present at the UDF, the code is set to the document and to all document lines.

CertCapture Customers

Filter only Customer Business Partner (not Vendors or Leads).

Support for customer codes with single quotes.

Filter by customer Remarks (OCRD.Notes).

Three filtering modes. Equal, Not equal and Like. Equal finds the exact value. Not equal finds anything except the value. Like is a wildcard find, looks if the value is present somewhere within the Notes field.

Reconcilliation. Added Business Partner group filter