Release 22.03.28
  • Added support for service-type documents will all lines using Avatax Tax Exempt TaxCode.
  • Fix. Document Generation Wizard consolidation for HANA installations.
  • Fix. Document Generation Wizard. Discount calculation on consolidated documents using Service Layer.
  • Added support for documents with empty ship-to logistics information and different Ship-To addresses defined by line.
  • Added backwards support for SAP 9.3, to define ship-to address coordinates using the U_ARGNS_LAT and U_ARGNS_LON UDFs at the document header. Check the behavior as follows.
  • Added support for an issue raised on SAP 9.3 PL 08: SAP FormDataEvent called twice, generating Avalara post call called twice.
Using Ship-To coordinates for documents

Coordinates are only sent for calculation requests if:

  • You have enabled the setting Send Geo Coordinates in all transactions from avatax settings, Addresses tab.
  • OR if the Street and ZipCode are empty, and the cooordinates are defined.
  • Make sure the Avatax Ship-To Type is set to Doc. Ship To Address on each line of the document that is intended to use the coordinates as ship-to. 

If using SAP 10

Since SAP 10, fields Latitude and Longitude are visible as part of the SAP Document Address Extension.

You can define the Coordinates for the calculation on:

  • The Business Partner master data address record (this is the recommended option).
  • If no address is defined (no street, city, country), then you can set the coordinates directly into the document:
    • You can set the coordinates in the document header UDFs: U_ARGNS_LAT and U_ARGNS_LON. This will work for any calculation mode,
    • You can also use the Address Extension UDFs U_ARGNS_LATS and U_ARGNS_LONS, but keep in mind this will only work for visual calculation modes: Freight or LineItem. This is due to an SAP reported issue, not allowing the DI-API to access the Address Extension UDFs.

If using SAP 9.3 or older

Set the coordinates in the document header UDFs defined for Latitude and Longitude: U_ARGNS_LAT and U_ARGNS_LON.