Release 22.04.22
  • Fix for sending Avalara company location code. Trim for spaces in the UDF.
  • New feature. Send the ship-to address for freight lines based on the base document ship-to address.
    • Default behavior is send the document ship-to address as destination address for freight lines.
    • If the document where tax is calculated is based on other document (base document), the new setting enables to send the base document ship-to address, from address extension.
  • New feature. Bulk address validation. Set the SAP TaxCode only, and set the tax code even if the validation fails.
    • To only update the address TaxCode, use the validator in this way, checking only Update Address Tax Code with Avatax Code.

    • Executing with this combination, now the validator will try yo validate the address.
    • If the address successfully validates, the address will be updated, if fails to update no changes will be made on the address.
    • The TaxCode will be set to address despite the validation result.