Release 22.07.25

Avatax Customer Usage Type at Line Level

The solution adds a new UDF at document line level: Customer Usage Type (U_ARNGS_CUUT), letting set a specific Customer Usage Type value for each line.

One of the use cases for this, is to make a line taxable when the customer is exempt. Suppose you have an exempt customer, and for any reason you need to make a document line taxable. 

In this case you can set the value TAXABLE in the Customer Usage Type at the line level, and Avatax will consider the line taxable, overriding the exemption.


Bulk Address Validation in the SAP B1 Add-on

The bulk address validation process now runs with SAP Service Layer when that feature is enabled from the Avatax Settings. This executes the process with much better performance than using DI-API.


Address Validation in WebUI

The WebUI includes now a module for bulk address validation, similar to the Bulk Address Validation existing in the add-on, but lightweight and more performant.

The module behaves similar to the Document Generation. You will validate addresses by creating Jobs. In the job you can find and select the addresses to be validated:


Once the Job is created, you can select it from the list of jobs, and go to the Run option:

And here you can schedule and start the address validation job: