Release 23.05.31


  • Upgraded Avatax API SDK to v23.5.0
  • Upgraded process for External Tax Calculation using Service Layer improving perfomance on calculation and documents updating.


  • New option to disable sending Item Tax Codes to AvaTax in each line of the document.
  • If you don't need to report the item tax codes, like when you define your item codes in AvaTax, you can disable sending the tax code for every item, achieving better performance and better calculation times.


New Reconcile SAP Documents features

  • You can now filter for document payment status: fully paid, partially paid and unpaid.
  • New column to show the commit status in avatax for each document.
  • New column shows the payment status for each document.
  • New selection links are included, to check only not found documents and uncommitted documents.
  • New button to commit selected documents: to commit saved documents.
  • Parameter to set the commit status when posting documents.