Release 23.08.01


  • Upgraded Avatax API SDK to v23.7.0


Reporting Location Code and Location Codes

  • The AvaTax location features have been redesigned for better accuracy.
  • Each AvaTax transaction document can include the following fields, that can be mapped from SAP UDFs:


  • Reporting Location Code
    • This is a field at header level in the AvaTax transaction, that will help to identify the transaction for location-based reporting requirements.
    • The UDF created by the AvaTax add-on is U_ARGNS_LOCATION, at the document header level.


  • ShipFrom and ShipTo Location
    • AvaTax allows you to define Locations in your console, that can be used in the ship-to and ship-from address details of your document transaction.
    • In order to use this, you need to define the Location in yout AvaTax console.
    • Then use the new provided UDFs at the document header level or line level for this purpose. UDFs are U_ARGNS_STLOCATION (ShipTo Location) and U_ARGNS_SFLOCATION (ShipFrom Location).
    • Using a Location in the UDFs at LineLevel will overwrite a location defined at the document header level UDFs.
    • Using a Location will overwrite any address details sent in the transaction, with the address defined in the AvaTax console for the location.